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System Planning and Design:  This is the critical foundation for success of every project, no matter what size or complexity! We will make strategic recommendations that help you capitalize on new opportunities.

  • We plan your system the way you do business.
  • We consider how your people really work to improve their effectiveness
  • Implementation process planning

Training:  Training is presented for real people, your employees, so they will understand, accept and effectively use the system.

  • ACT! and Add-On training presented real-time and hands-on on your system.

Customization and Programming:  To extend the functionality of ACT! beyond what you ever dreamed possible, especially for more complex business requirements.

  • Advanced calculations, tables and design of process integration
  • Customized fields, layouts and tabs
  • Source code programming for extraordinary requirements

Hosting and Remote AccessDo you want to be able to access your data easily, securely, 24/7 from anywhere in the world?  Better yet, do you want to be able to use your data without having to support the staff, expertise, time and equipment required to maintain your system on your own server?  If so, our ACT! expert hosting solution may be the perfect answer for you!

  • ACT! for Web Hosting
  • ACT! Synchronization Hosting
  • Remote Access and PDA Integration

Typical ACT! Project Steps: We know that every project and every client is unique.  The following is an example of a typical process.  For your project we will build on our cumulative 40+ years of business and programming experience with situations similar to yours to build a system that exceeds your expectations for both efficiency and effectiveness!

  1. Needs Assessment – Since every organization has different needs, concerns, processes and goals, it is critical that a thorough understanding be developed for the system expectations on both sides.  Vital Assets will analyze with you the pertinent processes, objectives, level of use, options, system specs, etc.  We will develop a written recommended plan of action with cost and time estimates for your review and approval.
  2. Software Acquisition – Purchase approved ACT! and affiliated software and Add-On’s
  3. Installation and Configuration – Install and configure ACT! and affiliated software on workstations and servers. 
  4. Customization – Customize ACT! and other software database, screen layouts, fields, reports, templates
  5. Data Conversion and Integration - Clean, convert and seamlessly consolidate required databases.  Integrate, install and synchronize hosting and remote access as required.
  6. System Training – Train users on their new system for consistent, timely use with full staff acceptance.
  7. Technical Support – Easy access, prompt troubleshooting and support.

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