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This short but amazing video titled "A Magic ACT!" ... shows you how hours of creating quotes suddenly become minutes!

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No more time wasted searching for quotes! The efficiency you gain with QuoteWerks is startling!

When you need to save time and money while selling, quoting, ordering, and purchasing products and services, you need QuoteWerks™.

QuoteWerks™ is incredibly powerful sales quoting and ordering software that tightly integrates with ACT! This integration allows you to instantly begin creating impressive-looking quotes which incorporate nearly any information already existing in ACT!. You never need to re-type any customer information, and no importing is required! Using the accounting link modules, you can also retrieve lead and customer information from QuickBooks and other popular accounting software. QuoteWerks Developer Partner Logo

Vital Assets is proud to be a QuoteWerks™ Developer Partner. This means we are qualified to provide you with the ultimate in sophisticated customization of QuoteWerks™ to precisely accomodate the way you do business.

Creating a quote is the initial step in producing a sale. Before QuoteWerks™, creating a quote could consume hours of your time.

Now you can let world class technical expertise and support by Vital Assets, combined with exclusive QuoteWerks™, free up hours of your valuable time for generating new business, following up prospects, and closing more sales.

Since the introduction of QuoteWerks™, thousands of people are producing detailed, professional-looking quotes in a fraction of the time it used to take!

QuoteWerks LogoVital Assets provides expert assistance in the installation and integration of QuoteWerks™ with your computer network, your existing ACT! installation, and with Quickbooks.

In addition, we can create and customize QuoteWerks templates, provide instruction, configure your system for optimum security, implement document synchronization between all key personnel, and help you plan and configure your lists of vendors, producs, services, product/service categories, prices, discounts and terms for optimum efficiency.

Here are just a few features of QuoteWerks™ ...

  • Choose from nine different pricing methods
  • Bundle your products and services for great time savings and simplicity
  • Be sure you get the best price; when you select the product you need to add to your quote, you can right click to immediately see the cost of this product from each vendor that you have set up in QuoteWerks. In a flash, you know which vendor has the lowest price, and you can choose to purchase that item from that vendor.QuoteWerks Box
  • Refresh quotes with latest or best prices.
  • Send and receive your quotes across the enterprise.
  • You can have Subtotal line items which allow you to display grouped totals of key portions of your quote.
  • You can have Running Subtotal line items which allow you to display the total of all the items from the beginning of the quote to this line item.
  • You can have % charge line items which are calculated as a % of the amount of the line item above it. The line item above it can be a regular product/service, or it can be a subtotal/running subtotal allowing you to calculate a % of a group of items.
  • You can have % discount line items which work in the same way as the % charge line items.
  • You can have comment line items which allow you to easily insert additional spacing in between line items in the quote, and can also be used to indicate different sections or groups within the quote like "Options", etc.
  • You can also mark each line item individually to have certain attributes like hide price, don't print, optional item, taxable, and more.
  • When a line item has the "hide price" attribute, the individual price of the product is not printed. This is very useful in preventing your customer from seeing the price for each line item on the quote, and then haggling with you about each line item.
  • When a line item has the "don't print" attribute, the line item will not be printed with the quote, but it will be included in the totals of the quote. This is very useful for including misc. items required in the quote that you do not want to clutter the quote with.
  • When a line item has the "optional item" attribute, the line item will be displayed in the quote as an option that the customer can buy, and the price of the item will be displayed, but the price of the item will not be included in the quote totals since it is only an that we are presenting to the customer.
  • When a line item has the "taxable" attribute, the tax rate will be applied to this line item to calculate sales tax due on this item.
  • When a line item has the "print picture" attribute, a picture of the product will be printed with the line item (assuming that you have specified a picture for the product).
  • When saving time, reducing costly errors, maintaining effective security, and projecting a professional image are your concerns, please contact us and give us just ten minutes to show you QuoteWerks™.

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