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Eight Steps to Your Success

Whether we meet with you face-to-face, or handle all of our interactions over the Internet, the process is the same.

Step 1: Needs Assessment

We meet with your sales, marketing, and systems people to assess your present methods and your future needs. (In the case of some of our smaller clients, the three groups described above are in fact, one person.) We establish a technology plan, a budget and an implementation schedule. The entire process will be outlined for you in terms of both benefits and costs. We will discuss the timeline, budget, and resources required to complete the project.

This is the most crucial step in the process as it defines the actions that will be taken to improve your business. Our consultants will meet with you personally to explain all of the options and make important suggestions for improving your business.

Step 2: Hardware and Software Acquisition

A Vital Assets ACT! Certified Consultant will create a complete list of items and specifications required for optimum performance. Since we are a Sage Certified Reseller we can provide ACT! software at very competitive prices.

Step 3: Software Installation

We will work with your information systems staff to ensure proper installation and configuration of the software. If your IT personnel wish to handle this step, we can work with you onsite or remotely. With the latest Internet technologies, we can install everything on your servers and personal computers without ever physically touching your keyboard. We can install on remote workstations around the world.

Man with computer

Step 4: Customize ACT! (or any addon) Software

Your software will be configured and customized to make your business run more efficiently and your marketing more productive.

ACT! Database Design: Helping sales teams and managers decide what information is important, and how to track it, is where we play a major role in your efforts. We understand both the critical and analytical issues surrounding your customers, prospects, vendors, or friends. We can also help you import data from other sources if needed.

Screen Layouts: We have extensive experience in designing screen layouts that are more efficient and logical for use by your team.

Letter templates: We will meet your needs for custom business letters and emails in ACT! or Microsoft Word for fast and easy thank you notes or appointment confirmations. Fax templates can be designed to include your company logo. Custom business letter templates can be prepared that will succeed in every phase of client contact from prospecting to closing the deal.

Custom Reports: Critical custom reports are designed to display the information contained in your new database and to help meet your business needs.

Synchronization: We help smooth the process of this highly critical and complex issue.

Step 5: Convert Your Old ACT! Database or Import From Other Software

If you are moving from ACT! version 6 or earlier, we help you with the preparations necessary to convert your database. We have custom tools that can help smooth the transition. Converting form another product? We have years of experience in converting complicated Outlook, Goldmine, Access, SQL and other databases.

Step 6: Integrate Other Products

We can assist you in setting-up and integrating:

  • Palm or Pocket PCs
  • Blackberries
  • Card Scanners
  • Other Third-party addons like SwiftPage, Dashboard, accounting links, etc.

Step 7: Training

Vital Assets ACT! Premier Trainers provide effective training for our clients. You will be using this exciting new technology before you know it. Both online and onsite classes are designed to ease the transition into your new system and help you maximize its use in your business.

Step 8: Continuing Support

We don't disappear after the project. Technical and marketing assistance are always just a phone call away. You don't need to find those “easy-to-read” manuals and spend unreasonably long times on customer “service” lines waiting for help ... we are here to make your life simple!

"The entire process will be outlined for you in terms of both benefits and costs."

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